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Farmers Club Sustainable Farming:

The first pick takes the farmer himself.

The Farmers Club stands for sustainability, balance and a harmonious take on life.

Our credo: Live and operate in tune with nature.

More than in any other sector of the economy, making decisions at the right time – decisions which, if neglected, would be disadvantageous – is critical for farming. Factors such as the soil, weather and experience coupled with sensitivity and tradition call for timely decision-making and necessary actions. Achieving a particular goal, and establishing the foundations for the year ahead, depend on making decisions at the appropriate time. Quiet satisfaction and a sense of balance are both the reward and the incentive. A uniformly calm herd of cattle may be seen as an expression of a chain of decisions by the farmer taken at apposite moments; such calmness is also consoling when something goes wrong. We cannot speculate on whether the happiness of a cow depends on not looking up at the stars or the capacity to doubt; after all, as Einstein put it, „In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.“

Throughout the millennia, farming has been synonymous with sustainability. It represents a place many people aspire to reach today – or at least they say so.

Since 1871 the Farmers Club has combined self-reliance and active agricultural management that has

spanned centuries by supporting the exchange and sale of farming products and providing a platform for

like-minded people along with the opportunity to present exceptional produce in the style of Mozart:

simple, attractive and good.

As long as they can be accommodated, guest members are very welcome.

Please contact us directly:


Reitgutweg 23

5026 Salzburg

Telefon: + 43 (0)660 / 87 08 36 2